I am often asked what I do on the weekends, well, I typically find myself travelling for a number of client projects, Pop-Up shops for Belleci Cosmetics, modelling, sponsorship blog posts, and of course attending various media events. I find myself connecting with some of the most inspiring individuals within the industry today. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Napa Valley and Las Vegas, lately I’m able to discover an interesting world of entrepreneurship.IMG_1112aOn a recent visit to Palm Springs, I met a gentleman by the name of Paul, a charming man in his late 60’s. I was at a local espresso bar reading the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy as he leaned over in his chair and stated, “Want to know the secret in life?” With a perplexed face I smiled and said sarcastically, “You know the secret of life, how much will it cost me to know?” I imagined he was a novice motivational guru looking to make a few extra bucks.

He turned his body completely towards me and explained who he was, his visit to Palm Springs and much more to my amazement. I found what he had told me to be quite interesting and the more I listened I felt myself rooted within the information he shared.

We ALL overthink our lives, manifesting everything we don’t want. Successful people are not lucky, they create luck in their life by focusing on what they want rather than the things they don’t. I found such truth to his theory as us humans tend to overthink the occurrences that arise in our lives and instead of letting it go we feel we must tell everyone we come across what just happened. Do you realize what we are doing in that moment, we are lowering our positive vibration to something of lack.

As many of you know I am truly aspired by the luxury of change (speaking on the topic at Sac Women Expo) as we are in control of our thoughts, feelings and the moment. At the end of our lengthy conversation and two espressos later he ended by stating, “What you want, wants you.” It truly makes sense as the things we speak are being broadcasted into a rich universe that only knows one command which is yes. Think about it, every bad relationship you’ve ever been in, you always declare what you don’t want and somehow you get the same thing again. Well like Paul explained it’s because everything that we want positive or negative wants us – it’s that simple.

This experience speaking with Paul and learning from a person that deeply cared about others was very fortifying. Life can be everything you want it to be if you simply take control of your mind and know that what you want, wants you.

IMG_1092aIMG_1132IMG_1125IMG_1079aIMG_1118aFloral Tie- Neck Blouse c/o Banana Republic, Ivory Crepe Pleated Skirt by Kaersten Cooper (similar here & here), Vintage Brooch (similar styles found on Etsy), Kate Spade Pumps, Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics, OPI Red Nail Polish, Big Red Apple.

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