IMG_1497I am very privileged to have the great fortune of working with some of the best sales, marketing, and business professionals in the world. Whether they are executives in large organizations, entrepreneurs, sales people struggling to achieve the goals, or other consultants, the majority of the people I partner with are extraordinary individuals. They have gotten to where they are in their careers by being outstanding performers. They have innovated and dealt with very complex issues, balancing lack of resources, lack of funding, bad timing, bad luck, and any number of obstacles.

Most of the people I have the privilege of working with are dealing with challenges to which there are no easy solutions. There is no “smart” person that can come in and give them the silver bullets to succeed. Within my media career I’ve travelled to potential client’s businesses and discuss with them the ins and outs of creating a profitable media campaign. In the end, the only way we could solve the problems is by working together–sharing our different experiences. We then spend more hours and days trying to make our “brilliant ideas” work—and they never do the way we thought. The “gotcha’s” always pop up and we quickly adapt, change things and move forward. It’s all part of the nitty gritty dirty work of making things happen in the real world.
IMG_1478It’s easy to talk to a group or write and make things seem so obvious and simple–we have the benefit of time and hindsight to do this. It’s great that people appreciate hearing these views. But the insights are really the result of my good fortune of being able to work with so many different people, with differing talents, different experiences, addressing very difficult problems. Each interaction and engagement makes a difference in my life.

I am, indeed, privileged and fortunate. In this season of reflection, I want to thank my clients, colleagues, and extended professional network for the privilege of working with you, sharing ideas, and learning from you.IMG_1483IMG_1513IMG_1487Floral Sheath c/o White House Black Market. Dali Collection White Blazer (similar here & here). iPhone 7 & 8 Lizard Case, Tory Burch Robinson Tote. Cole Haan Nude Pumps (on sale at DSW, here). Photo Credit: rf_fisher_photography. 

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