Rose M1One accessory I cannot be without, is an assortment of vintage jewelry. If you have ever peeked inside your grandmother’s jewelry box or glanced at a black & white photo, you might have wondered how you could wear these bespoke pieces yourself. Vintage Jewelry also known as Costume Jewelry can easily be classified in a category of its own and can be garnished in several ways. Brooches and rhinestone earrings are all finding their way back into the jewelry boxes of style-conscious women of today and who doesn’t like a little bit of shimmer?

Owning these embellishments is definitely a privilege, and it simply should be flaunted every moment possible. If styled correctly, it can present a sense of glamour for an entire outfit. Vintage Jewelry has been the focal point of a number of current designers’ runway shows, all stemming from inspiration by Christian Dior’s New Look Collection of 1947. It brings a specific form of femininity, which has over the years disappeared. The style tips below will help bring that forgotten sparkle to your everyday style.Rose Details

With a simple sheath, you will find many ways to wear a vintage brooch. I typically will pin mine over my heart below my right shoulder, which is the traditional way from the 1950s and is often said to be the best for placement. If you’re seeking an option other than this, you can certainly wear it on your waist, on a hat, at the collar of a blouse, or even as an accent on a plunging backless gown.

As for earrings, these are wearable with almost everything and can be made into a statement piece, with it becoming the focal point of any outfit. While many, if not, all earrings from the 1950s were made as clips there really is no “wrong way” to wear vintage earrings. Don’t be afraid to clip a set of earrings on your favorite pair of pumps to provide a custom look that can’t be found in department stores.

In my opinion, wearing vintage jewelry takes confidence which in return adds flair to one’s look and life. Don’t underestimate the power of your grandmother’s jewelry box; it holds many treasures you’d never imagine. Start today and watch your outfits come to life.IMG_2303aIMG_2310aIMG_2302aPretty Pencil Dress in Lake c/o Bitter Root Vintage.  Vintage 100% Dokio Silk Scarf (similar here & here). Rhinestone Earrings & Rose Brooch (similar here). Retro Sunnies ‘Daisy’ Cat eye frame (Sold Out, similar here). Cole Haan Nude Pumps (on sale at DSW). Beauty c/o Cover FX (Sold at Sephora). MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Lipstick. OPI ‘Big Apple Red’ Nail Polish. Photo Credit: rf_fisher_photography. 


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