Full 1 4-30-2017Call it destiny, decades away. I’ve often felt that I had been raised in an era that lacks glamour and elegance, which is only today viewed on the red carpet of the Oscars. From a number of afternoons spent delving within the depths of a jewelry box belonging to my namesake and grandmother, I vividly picture these carefree moments spent playing dress up and now see that it has manifested into my current reality.

Throughout my youth into adulthood, it seemed foreign, almost ludicrous, to direct my attention away from a life paved in authenticity. For me, I find you just have to surround yourself with stories. That’s how I feel when I garnish myself in a dated vintage ensemble. I feel, as if, I am providing a poetic homage to the influential women of yesteryear, gifting new life to a ritzy rhinestone brooch, pretentious yet practical dress or millinery design. Nonetheless, I’ve taken a wardrobe which showcases an infinite amount of history to the steadfast of today’s modern style, with each piece I wear sharing a story.

Matching my sentimental heart is this authentic wool dress by Johnathan Logan of 1944, one of the largest ready-to-wear design companies for women’s dresses. His designs captured both elegance and classy motifs, with many of Johnathan Logan dresses becoming collections for fourteen diverse consumer groups. Made of dated fabric, each ruche, curve and pleat drapes perfectly in every way during afternoon spent wine tasting in historic St. Helena at Beringer Vineyard.

Sit 4-30-2017House 4-30-2017 (1)Full 2 4-30-2017LS 4-30-2017Tree 4-30-2017LS 1 4-30-2017Sit 1 4-30-2017Jonathan Logan 1940’s Day-wear Dress c/o Park Place Vintage. Authentic Accessories available on Etsy.  Suede Pump (similar here, here & here). MAC Cosmetic ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick

2 Comments on “Decades Away in Jonathan Logan of 1944

  1. Beautiful, Doris. This truly is the authentic you.

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