Full 1What makes a gemstone so alluring? Perhaps, it’s the endowing historical implementation one carries as they are among the rarest and most desired since the beginning of time—through novels, paintings, and jewelry. Much like the green light in The Great Gatsby, a variety of symbolic meanings has been attributed to gemstones. Meanings vary slightly depending on the time period, the culture, and the combinations of gemstones.

This beauty is easily found through one of Costa Rica’s finest designer-artists experimenting with an array of precious gemstones and metal details, Phyllis Warman Founder of Phyllis Warman Jewelry Design. I had the privilege of interviewing Phyllis for VRAI Magazine where I uncovered how a journey to the cultural atmosphere of Costa Rica 12 years ago provided her a diverse lifestyle of tranquility and new career.

There is something rural, yet symbolic of blending both nature and elegance within the world of fashion. Phyllis’s designs perfectly curates an enhance vibrational alignment where she uses the most alluring antique and vintage buttons to create a world apart from anything you’ve seen before. Many of these buttons date back to the 1800s holding a quality worth cherishing. I am fortunate to showcase an irresistibly shiny, polished onyx gem bracelet designed by designer-artist, Phyllis Warman.

When you look at onyx closely, you may instantly notice there is a complexity and depth to its darkness perhaps dark glamour of richness. Today, I play off this motif of wearing an authentic black velvet sheath by Tabak paired with a black veil with floral infused rhinestone crystals to provide an image that lurks mystery and glamour.

I invite you all to expand your horizon and travel wearing the Natural Handmade Gemstone Jewelry of Phyllis Warman by visiting phylliswarmanjewelry.com
Onyx Gemstone Bracelet with Antique Button c/o Phyllis Warman Jewelry
Authentic Black Velvet Sheath by Tabak of California
Floral Rhinestone Infused Veil (similar on Etsy)
Natori Feather Escape Thigh-High Nylons
Marble Gloss in ‘Eartha’ c/o Ultra-Vixen Cosmetics
Kate Spade Patent Licorice Pumps

Detail 2LS 1 BNWFull 3LS 1Full 2LS 2Detail 1

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