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A Fairy Tale Moment with Kooki De Lou

When someone says – “that’s just a fairy tale,” it generally means the life you are living is merely just a fantasy. I’ve found the thought of a fairy tale can easily become ones reality with just enough visualization, desire and belief. From our earliest childhood memories, aspirations or stories we once told ourselves (to pass the time) have never left our subconscious mind. There … Read More A Fairy Tale Moment with Kooki De Lou


A Journey of a Lifetime to Hawaii: The Departure

Before a long trip, there is something to be said for the unexpected experiences that will take place in one’s life. At first glance, it comes from the cultural evidence that travel can make us more vulnerable, creative and curious to explore the unseen. Today, I find myself traveling to Hawaii for a number of diabetes advocate media appearances, business sponsorships, and the opportunity … Read More A Journey of a Lifetime to Hawaii: The Departure


An Unforeseen Love Story

Before there was love in my life, there were vintage adornments – a glamorous remembrance to a timeless era.  In the years before, I’d often ponder the thought of what makes love so special? I suppose until you meet that one soul you may never know. For me, it came unexpected with the development of Rich in Love.  It took many years to fathom … Read More An Unforeseen Love Story