It’s said that the journey matters more than the destination, but what if that passage involves a life threatening auto-immune disease called, diabetes?

Releasing on World Diabetes Day (November 14th) I cross over a stereotypical comfort zone in order to reach an unknown level of confidence in light of diabetes awareness, empowerment and acceptance with T1D Exposed: Nude Diabetes Advocacy ProjectIMG_8034

Before we can accept an off-set, we must take full responsibility for the actions we take from each sequestered moment as the life we represent has potential beyond belief. Nearly three years ago I made the decision to view diabetes in positivity, which in return has allowed me to share the glamour in a setback. After all, it’s the failures we encounter in life that provide us with the lessons which result in our personal success.

Support diabetes by visiting T1D Exposed: Nude Diabetes Advocacy Project online created by Kara Reed & Tara Layman and elevate the essential awareness that is needed in supporting type 1 diabetes.

Professional Hair Styling c/o Heather Hinchcliff of Aveda Salon .  Make-up c/o Belleci Cosmetics . Images by Tara Layman Photography at Studio 23

1 Comment on “Exposing Diabetes

  1. You are doing a great job with your advocacy, words and beauty. 🙂

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