Full 1 6-13-2017The word “beauty” holds more truth than one would think. Couriering self-expression, from one’s physical attributes which in return represents a form of physical beauty. Nonetheless, what you may not realize is beauty evokes an emotion of admiration and awe. It can also appear to be an aristocrat reflection as Plato perceived its rich form as, “Beauty lies in the eye of the Beholder” as these words are clear and true concerning every human being.

Why is one attracted to some while others see nothing of beauty. This inner and outer beauty plays an important role in one’s life, its a common characteristic which most people consider when determining beauty. Inner beauty, is related to a person’s individual traits while outer beauty outlines their confidence.

It’s such a mistake in our society to assume that all beauty is only possessed from a group of supermodels and celebrity A-listers. While many of our paradigms have been highlighted in a demurer viewpoint with our thinking becoming jaded. Unless we recognize at the outset: that beauty is manifested in quite the most unexpected individuals through their confidence. A woman who’s strength radiates passion and conviction as a result, can easily praise her self-worth. She knows that she’s beautiful just the way she is, regardless of what the media dictates.

Today, you can uncage your inner goddess through the expression of fine glamour with Miss Lush, a premier London jewelry specialist offering a well-curated collection of statement necklaces and rings. You’ll discover garnishing yourself with such uniqueness you will no longer feel limitations, rather your physical flaws vanish resulting in pure luxury. Expose your true beauty with being presentable, looking presentable, with a touch of boldness – Miss Lush.
Full 2 6-13-2017Details 1 6-13-2017M 1 6-13-2017Full 3 6-13-2017LS BNW 6-13-2017Full 4 6-13-2017Details 2 6-13-2017Elizabeth Couture Diamante Choker c/o Miss LushAnn Taylor, Best Actress gown from ‘The LBD Collection’.  Aldo, Uloavel Pumps (sold at DSW). MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Matte Lipstick

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