A Charming Stroll Through Claremont Upland with a Portrait of a Lady

Middle 1 5-16-2016
Built in 1921, the Claremont Upland historic district of Berkeley, adjacent to the Claremont Hotel, gives such a nostalgic feeling of an era gone by. Standing before such quaint, picture-perfect Craftsman-style homes of the neighborhood, I often wonder if some are still owned by their original tenants. Many of us know that home is where the heart is – in my case, it’s my closet – nevertheless I find a rare appreciation for such history. Just half a mile off of College and Claremont Avenue, my Great Aunt was a prized home owner; it was a place where as a family we all would all gather after Sunday mass. I still to this day remember the glass door knobs and the solid oak wood build in cabinets throughout the main level, not to mention her armoire filled with antique beauty. The house was sold shortly after her passing, when I was a young girl, but I still today will pass by and admire its beauty during my random visits through the neighborhood.

Passing through the entry Stone Markers for an afternoon stroll, I wore a dress – that could have been a remnant of the era – from a beloved online boutique, Bitter Root Vintage, owned by Carol. This newly released, 1950s-inspired, cotton dress, “Portrait of a Lady,” features an iconic “wiggle” silhouette and equally charming details. I’ve built an entire wardrobe that consist of a combination of authentic timely pieces and newer vintage-inspired pieces, which include many from Bitter Root Vintage and highly recommend you frequently visit Carol’s online boutique.

For today’s spring ensemble, I added a new floral brooch that I found while antiquing in Reno, a pair of lady-like lace gloves by Cornelias James, and aura rhinestone earrings. I have quite a weakness for vintage brooches and rhinestone earrings; there is something about the sparkle that it brings to any outfit that enchants my attention. You can only imagine how I felt when Rich noticed it through the glass display case at the register. I kept staring, expressing in a minimum amount of words how stunning it was, until Rich purchased it for me. In many ways, a clear rhinestone, also known as Diamante, is how I feel for Rich, as he shines so bright and brings such sparkle to my eye. I find it to go perfectly with everything because of its contrast, an enhancement of glamour by far.Full 1 5-16-2016LS 1 5-14-2016Full 2 5-16-2016Middle Tint 5-16-2016Details 1 5-16-2016Street 1 5-16-2016LS 2 5-16-2016Middle 2 5-16-2016Middle 3 5-16-2016Claremont 5-16-2016Middle 4 5-16-2016
Portrait of a Lady Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage // Vintage Clear Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Earrings // Vintage Peach Floral Brooch (similar here) // “Nancy” Lace gloves c/o Cornelia James // 1940s Bespoke Satin Flower Clutch (Doris Alexander, photo above) // Brian Atwood Pumps // “Really Red” Lipstick c/o Marykay // Skincare c/o Nucerity


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