full-1-11-07-2016Have you ever wondered what is on the other side of life? I have – ever since 2014 when I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. From a defining trait to live life rather than just passing time, I find a majority of us to be careless with no acknowledgement of how our actions, daily behavior, and words spoken carry enormous weight to those around us. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue,” King Solomon once said. If we realize it or not, every day we are shaping the reality for someone by the words we use.

Now at the age of 35, I’ve found a great truth and solely choose to use words that build others up and not those that can damage or cause doubt. From all of the lessons and blessings in the last two years since my diagnosis, I’ve formed an organic sense of how to live an authentic life that channels pure gratitude and glamour.

Change is inevitable. Nothing stays still. Life is in constant motion shifting you through positivity and setbacks, but if you take a closer look at those hardships you’ll find a hint of glamour, I did. With a mindset to take such a diagnosis and allowing it to define myself in ways I never knew existed.  Now, on a foothold of what my initial purpose in life is I awake each morning with gratitude for another day to inspire others with glamour, a story, authenticity, and an unbinding courage to never give up despite what my day or diabetes may bring.

I urge you all to take a moment and gather the essential facts of what diabetes is by visiting informational websites such as Beyond Type 1, Stop Diabetes, and Diabetes Alive. All of these organizations offer a better lifestyle for those living with this life altering condition. For 9 months I lived with dangerously high blood sugar levels that were estimated to be in the mid-700 range. During this duration of my life I fought my diagnosis in a state of disbelief thinking to myself, “This can’t be happening…I take care of myself… I eat healthy… I work out…why?” Despite your current condition anything is possible and having the proper knowledge of being proactive is the best practice and could also help assist others with awareness as well.

At the end, exploring your health and evaluating the areas that are in need of change will better allow yourself to replace poor paradigms with constructive behavior. By performing this proactive action you are bringing a subsistence form of freedom and new meaning to not only your life, but to those who cross your path. I encourage you all to stop living in lack and start living in love, find your inner gratitude and abundance will follow.
Shoulder Draped Sheath Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage
Miss Elliette California 1950s Metallic Cropped Jacket, Red Chair Vintage
Authentic Vintage Accessories (similar sold on Etsy in support of Diabetes Awareness)
Kate Spade Licorice Black Patent Heels

back-11-17-2016gloves-11-07-2016full-2-11-07-2016ls-1-11-07-2016sit-2-11-07-2016ls-3-11-07-2016m-11-07-2016sit-ls-11-07-2016Full 3 11-07-2016.jpg

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