m1Can a red rose express ones emotion for another? From rich wine-reds, baby pinks to the innocence of ivory nothing can be more powerful than the language of flowers.

There is no lingua franca in the floral world; a lily would mean something quite different to one woman than another; however the accumulated meaning soon becomes a faded memory. Take a rose, for example. It has for hundreds of year’s symbolized divine love in heaven. Gertrude Stein (“a rose is a rose is a rose”) is proof of its wordless express of respect, admiration and devotion. Like a scene from a love story, today’s facade the Arsenal Headquarters of 1941 exudes such beauty and grace for such a rendering of breathless love.

This off-the-shoulder deep red lace covered dress provides a sensual, yet elegant fit that flatters all emotions felt from afar. Isn’t it time you revive the subtle language of flowers, one that perhaps marks a milestone or simply a message of love.LS1F1Details 1F2LS2Details2SmileRed Off-the-Shoulder Dress c/o DAVIS Fashion (similar here & here). Pink Roses Gold Plated Brooch (similar here & here). Brian Atwood Nude Patent Pump. Pearl Stud Earrings (similar here & here)

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