MLandscapeHas this summer gone by faster than any summer before, or is it just me? Although its official end isn’t until September 22nd I find it hard to not ensemble one last end-of-summer fashion trend, the Tie-Front Blouse.

Many of you (who follow regularly) may remember this same outfit worn little over a year ago during an afternoon of wine tasting. Today, I found that this same outfit works best re-purposed by wearing it tied in the front paired with a few Country Club essentials. How many outfits do we all own that can easily be re-purposed or revised, quite a few I would guess. Any outfit can take on a new persona of life with the littlest twist, tuck or in this case tie. DetailsIn the 1950’s the tie-front blouse were accepted as long as it was a few inches over the belly button and below the ribs, anything lower or higher wasn’t seen proper or fit in that era with today being quite the contrary. Whether it’s a tie-front blouse, long-tee or a crisp button-down, it can be easily dressed up or down to customize your personal style.Full 1LS2M2Full2Sleeveless Button-Down Blouse, NY & Co (similar here). Vintage Gingham Midi Skirt (similar sold at ASOS). Large Brim Sun Hat (similar here, here & here). Beauty c/o Belleci Cosmetics. Dolce Vita Weaved Pumps.

1 Comment on “Country Club Gingham

  1. Love this look! Love gingham-anything! Great scenery too!

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