At the age of 33, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I would have never imagined today at 36 I’d see such an auto-immune disease as a gift rather than a curse.
10-23-16 F1Prior to my diagnosis I ran for 10 months in uncrated fear unwilling to admit I could be a diabetic. With each passing month I found my life slipping from underneath me as I began to lose weight rapidly, a feeling of fatigue followed my every action, endless thirst, blurred vision with momentarily blindness; I was fighting to stay alive and ironically knew the reason.

The night I was hospitalized I was near death later discovering my A1C was at 11.2% and if I didn’t seek medical attention I would have secretly slipped into a coma during the night. Once the doctor announced his diagnosis I stared at the cold white walls of the emergency room and said to myself, “I will find a cure, this is not my ending”. From that moment, I’ve gone on a journey as a type 1 diabetic that has allowed me to see the world I want to live in, not the world I currently live in.

I am proud to share I currently have a A1C of 5.9% pre-diabetic, with the goal of 5.6% in the next year ahead. How did I reach these astonishing results? Through the daily practice of leading a health conscious mind-set that is fed by the BE- DO-HAVE Paradigm Shift in addition to clean eating, the knowledge of our bodies biochemistry and a daily fitness routine. I didn’t want to settle with wearing a pump or going on a unpractical diet plan, instead I desired to create a new lifestyle something of substance which in return would only enrich my life positively.

Since being diagnosed I’ve set-off to deliver worldwide media exposure for several prestigious diabetes organizations & highly recognized retailers: Beyond Type 1, JDRF, American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Alive, T1D Exposed, Myabetic, and Lauren’s Hope. I’ve also been featured on Hawaii News Now, 101.7 KKIQ, 92.1 KKDV, Healtheo360, Diabetes Connections, East Bay Times, Diabetes Power show, T1D Exposed Nude Calendar Advocacy Project, Bay Area Focus, and Diabetes Late Nite for my advocate efforts.

Today, I continue on a path of uniqueness and reflective charisma raising diabetes awareness with a message of positivity as I always share with those I encounter, Every Setback is the Setup for the Glamour in Life 10-23-16 F2Featured10-23-16 F310-23-16 LS110-23-16 F410-23-16 F510-23-16 F6IMG_0133aTory Burch Block-t Leather Satchel-Handbags. Vintage House of Hartwig, Paris of the Desert Tucson Wool Dress, similar found on Etsy. Long Leather Gloves, similar here & here. Make-up c/o Belleci Cosmetics. Sam Edelman Halan Pointy-Toe Pumps.

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