F1November is such an inspiring calendar month, aside from it honoring diabetes awareness it showcases vibrant colors from one of my favorite months Fall. For a casual day downtown, I found myself enjoying lunch at Cap’s Oak Street Bar & Grill a historic restaurant. The elegant dinning room of 1963 resembles an era gone by, taking you instantly back in time.

This wool dress can be easily worn without the millinery hat and vintage glove, however don’t you agree they both create a look a lady should accessorize with? Perhaps for those that aren’t completely sold on mirroring this entire look try purchasing these similar styled dresses here, here & here. I would certainly accessorize with a glitzy rhinestone brooch or a comparable earring set. Style is what you create, it doesn’t come from a page in a magazine it stems from the individual’s vision for what they see as beauty.F2 D4M5F7Frederic Harvey Wool Dress (similar here & here). Amber Rhinestone Brooch (similar here). Velvet trim Millinery Hat and Leather Gloves found on Etsy. Beauty c/o Cover FX. MAC Cosmetics ‘Chili’ Lipstick. Photo Credit: rf_fisher_photography.

1 Comment on “The Beauty of Wool

  1. Doris is a beautiful lady. Her suit, gloves and heels are exciting.

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