An essential for my daily glamour and style is provided by Bitter Root Vintage, a well curated vintage-inspired retailer that specializes in 1940s and 50s era styled dresses and accessories.brv 1-2019 f1Vintage dresses possess such an elegant alluring image inspiring one to relive such an era of sophistication with the utmost grace. Finding a practical vintage-inspired dress for an upcoming social event or dinner for two, may present itself as a task until now with Bitter Root Vintage.

My official debut with the online boutique launched in January 2015 with their Blue Sapphire Lace Dress (here). In that post I shared my experience from unwrapping something so special that words couldn’t describe. Carole, the owner of Bitter Root Vintage prides her business with exceptional and personalized client care. Which comes in the form of handwritten letters and an occasional black & white photograph completed with a satin bow.leopard heels 1-2019From this introduction I’ve worn dozens of her dresses for premium San Francisco Fashion Shows, Wine tasting experiences in Napa, UK millinery collaborations and several television interviews. However, the dress that holds dear to my heart came on June 6, 2016 shortly after I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic titled, โ€œEmbrace the Unbinding Courage within the Journeyโ€

In this post I shared the journey of my diagnosis and how it forever changed my life in ways I couldn’t explain. Feeling oh so lovely and strong while I stood on an abandoned train deck I couldn’t be more blessed to be wearing such a dress from such a beautiful woman. I am thankful to Carole for her support through my diabetics journey. Owning pieces that are authentic vintage in combination to designs from Bitter Root Vintage truly bring life to an era gone by with glamour and grace.
brv 1-2019 m2brv 1-2019 m1brv 1-2019

Bitter Root Vintage, Tiny Steps Sheath. 1960s L.C. Maes Globetrotter Trench Coat (similar here, here & here). Sam Edelman ‘Hazel‘ Pumps. Vintage accessories (similar here, here & here). Beauty c/o Cover FX. The Perfect Red c/o Hickey Lipstick. Photo Credit: rf_fisher_photography.

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