More than 65 years ago, women carried a sense of poise that is hardly seen within today’s mainstream. From a golden era which possessed an epitome of glamour, there IMG_5103Ewas one accessory which women ideally complemented each ensemble with – Gloves.

Today due to current affairs we are told to wear gloves, perhaps this is the perfect time for women to slip on a charming lady-like pair while travel as well as a number of other  public conveyance. While we currently live in unforeseen times, I would presume its time we all model after such style of the 1950s and do the same.

 “Better known as the “clothing of hands,” gloves have evolved to coincide with the changes in fashion.” 

Having been a classic lover of lady-lady gloves I have always worn a number of fabric choices, styles accented with buttons or mesh detailing. Today, I am wearing a modern styled leather gloves by Beau Gant a curated design house in Naples, Italy. Italian artisans make each glove by hand, using the finest luxury materials.

Gloves should be worn on the streets of cities and large town, when going to church, to a luncheon, dinner or reception, a dance, a wedding or an official function. They are also worn to a restaurant and in the theater and always remember, a lady never takes off her gloves to shake hands … and never asks that her glove be excused.IMG_5123_EIMG_5106E______________________________
Frederic Harvey Wool Jacket & Suit Set.
Beau Gant, Leather Gloves.
Diff Sunglasses. Bag by Supreme, Etsy.
Sam Edelman, Danna Heels. Diamond Earrings (similar here & here).
Cover FX Foundation. Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick.

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