Have you stared at a rainbow in the sunlit sky before? What you might have captured is that a rainbow has many colors some brighter than others, but never dull always true and authentic. Full 1_

The question lays on how you can be more authentic to your true self and not a slavish follower of social expectations. The very first thing you must do is love yourself and accept yourself for all your flaws, past failures, and mishaps. You must stop and realize everything starts and finishes with you and at the end of the day you are fully responsible for your words and actions taken. We all have the right to not do what others would expect of us and do what we feel to be right.

 “Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” 

To be or live as an authentic person you must ‘show up’ as your true self despite what others might say or feel, you are being you. It takes courage to say no to someone or make decisions for yourself without knowing what the outcome will be. One of our deepest fears as humans is to feel inadequate.

Think of being authentic as wearing a mask that dulls your own light and provides you no benefit to shine true to your individual colors. If we can overcome our fears and drop what or who we should be this is the day we will experience freedom at its highest level.M_1_______________________
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