Those with diabetes may often run into a dilemmas of being offered a glass of wine with the uncertainty of how much is too much, which varietals are healthy and what is the sugar intake? As a Diabetes Advocate and Type-One Diabetic I’ve experience a wide selection of wines from the valley floor and beyond.

When we drink wine there are so many variables that need to be considered, one of those is sugar content as excessive consumption can link to heart disease, weight gain and obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and shorter lifespan. Consuming less sugar, on the other hand, links to a decreased risk of metabolic diseases. Sugar content in wine varies greatly, and some wines can be a hidden source of sugar in your diet.

In nature you will find everything you need.

Claus Preisinger

While sugar affects the taste of the wine from its sweetness as more sugar generally means a sweeter wine. But sugar also changes the body whereas high-sugar wines have more weight to them with a rich, syrupy mouthfeel, while low-sugar wines tend to be lighter and fruitier. The question many of you might be asking yourself is, “Where can I find wines that are low in sugar yet pure?” The answer is simple, it starts and ends with Dry Farm Wines.

In the video below I share additional details on how you can join the Dry Farm Wines family along with my personal review and partnership.

*Disclaimer The content written above is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, please consult your health care provider for advice.


Video and Photography c/o JLee Photo Studio, Fremont CA

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