What does it mean to be determined? Some might say it’s a leading factor in success others might say it’s a way to reach your goals. Despite your perspective on determination one thing is certain, you M_1will always need to obtain a sense of self-determination because without it you would quit never past self-limiting beliefs or barriers.

While others have a slight sense of power to help motivate you to try harder, the truth is at the end of the day you need to be the one to have the determination, drive and dedication to keep moving forward and fighting for what you deserve.

Time and time again, it has been key for me to have strong will and determination despite what has occurred. We all have difficulties which is what makes life a learning lesson in more ways than one. Every one of us has that bull inside of us, even if that’s us being bull headed. Realize it or not a brick wall attitude is a positive strength. Why you might ask, persistence is a good attribute to have as well as being persistence and stubbornness .They are all close relative of perseverance a trait needed for success. Perhaps if everyone could be more determined like a bull, we all would be much more successful.F_1Sit Side 1F_2___________________________
EXPRESS Pleated Blouse, (here & here). Floral Brocade Jacket, (here).
Banana Republic, Wide Leg Trousers. Kate Spade Pumps, (here & here)
Beauty. Face
CHANEL, Lipstick Maybelline, Nails, Red Carpet Manicure
Photos c/o rf_fisher_photography

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