Despite our current reality, we are now consumed with the daily usage of wearing a face mask. Many will debate the level of protection they do provide, whatever your belief is we as a society must garnish ourselves with one – so it might as well be chic.

While searching for a new face mask I have found there are thousands to choose from with the selection only expanding everyday from patterns, protective levels and styles. I personal find Wearable Masks™ a San Francisco based female, minority & disabled-veteran owned small business to be the brand I am proud to wear. Not to mention, they have donated 30,000 masks (since April) to non-profit organizations, hospitals & clinics, homeless shelters, churches and low income families.

When covid-19 hit, our opportunity to raise money through in person events was no longer viable and we wanted to find a new way to support the community which led us to a partnership with Wearable Masks. We are thankful to have found an incredible partner with Wearable Masks in the quality of the product and our aligned values.

Laurie Rockwell, of The League Sports

I have had many complex emotions regarding wearing a mask and at first I rebelled at the thought only because I felt it was a vow of silence. However, as time passes this new norm is not only a way to express our style and personality, it’s also safety that speaks loud. If you have an autoimmune disease or any other underlying health condition, it is essential you wear one while you are among others.

Today I am featuring Wearable Masks™ Sophisticated design. This design doesn’t need an introduction as it’s burberry ambiance pairs perfectly with my vintage LC Mae’s Globetrotter trench coat, black beaded earrings, leather clutch and five inch pumps.

Stand proud while you protect your health and those around you in Wearable Masks™. For all masks sold on the fundraiser page with The League Sports, 100% of net profits to 2 charitable organizations will be donated (The Color of Change & The Rainbow World Fund). If you purchase one mask, another mask will be donated to a local organization in need. Additionally, for every TLSGold Standard” mask purchased they will match an additional $1 for $1 of the net proceeds. 
Photography c/o Laurie Rockwell
Face Mask c/o Wearable Masks™

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