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A Fairy Tale Moment with Kooki De Lou

When someone says – “that’s just a fairy tale,” it generally means the life you are living is merely just a fantasy. I’ve found the thought of a fairy tale can easily become ones reality with just enough visualization, desire and belief. From our earliest childhood memories, aspirations or stories we once told ourselves (to pass the time) have never left our subconscious mind. There … Read More A Fairy Tale Moment with Kooki De Lou

A Vertigo Chase

Isn’t it funny in life, how we chase others for validation? The question is why do we look to someone else to fulfill our deepest voids, well in my opinion, it’s rooted simply by fear. This state-of-mind is a crippling agent creating an impulse which in return seeks a form of unnecessary false need of control. For a moment think of this, how did … Read More A Vertigo Chase

Ladylike Prominence

When I think of floppy hats, Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white straw design and floral hat pin comes to mind. The enduring screen and style maven had captivated audiences with her signature style formula of sex appeal, as she recognized the power of a plunging neckline. If impact is what you’re after, nothing says it quite like a luxury fur felt wide-brimmed floppy hat by … Read More Ladylike Prominence