A Hidden Gem

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I’ve always had such an eager attraction with the historic implementation which surrounds the dated architecture of a bygone era. The greater San Francisco bay area in my opinion has swiftly provided an epitome of historic abundance to those that live within its perimeters, particularly the Lake Merritt district. These historic landmarks in many ways bring a feeling of home, each structure presents such an eternal treasure with its attention to detail bestowing a novel of love. In 1927 an art deco inspired six-story Mediterranean “apartment-style hotel” had taken residency lakeside at Madison. The Lake Merritt Hotel & Restaurant designed by prolific Architect William Weeks provides both guests and residence a sense of this prominence. A landmark best described as a hidden gem which continues its success with the luxurious addition of The Terrace Room Restaurant, known as the Cascade Terrace in 1934.10-19-2015 Middle 2 BNW10-19-2015 Middle 3Originally the exterior design housed an elaborate dinning and entertainment patio for the days “well to be” clientele, orchestra’s and entertainers highlighted the evening with talent equaling the days distinctive postmodern twenty foot floor-to-ceiling windows enhancing the panoramic views for members and guest’s. With an aplomb interior mural which graciously depicts the Gold Coast by acclaimed painter, Andre Boratko of a scene of Lake Merritt in the year 1956, setting the focal point of the south wall still present today.10-19-2015 Middle 4Standing at a distance from such history marking the corner of Lakeside Drive and Madison Street, I can’t help but glance out to the distance to its namesake’s tidal lagoon which centrally sits within the heart of Oakland. Having ventured through a number of downtown landmarks east of The Lake Merritt Hotel, it’s historical significance holds such refuge. Within the lakes grassy shoreline perimeter, artificial bucolic islands which house a number of bird refuges and a boating center which arms the San Francisco Bay. With the closing of each week I find myself gaining the chance to explore yet another building of a past era, intimately. Becoming fascinated with each glance into history I find each touch of my bare fingertips to bring a nostalgic remembrance coinciding with today’s modern developments.10-19-2015 Full 1

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  1. Doris I must say your the most sexiest woman I ever known, but in a very unique and sophisticated way it’s hot 😍💕❤️

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