A Commerce of Opulent Taste

JCB WinesOne Shoulder ‘Dahlia Dress’ c/o Bitter Root Vintage  Leather Gloves (similar here)  Vintage Onyx Brooch & Earring Set, purchased at The Antique Co-op  Gold Box Clutch, Banana Republic (similar here)  BCBG ‘Opia‘ Lace Pump 

The 1909 Metropolitan Life Insurance Building, located on the east slope of Nob Hill in San Francisco, gives a sense of history and brings about a desire to live through the elegance from an era of style. Masterfully rehabilitated by Whister Patri Architects in 1988, we now know this iconic destination as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. It’s the focal point for my lavish birthday celebration consisting of luxury wine-tasting at the legendary wine-makers’ lounge of JCB Wine.11-09-2015 Full 111-09-2015 Ritz11-09-2015 Full 2San Francisco, a city that holds a unique place in history, brings about fond childhood memories that include a cable car ride with my father to the top of Nob Hill for an afternoon of exploration. With the passing of each year I’d always marvel at the eclectic mixture of architectural styles that define the characteristics of a city I’ve grown to admire. An historical landmark that remains as a marvel of beauty is the Ritz-Carlton with its neo-classical façade, rich filigree details that grace each column, its glazed terra cotta tiles, decorative winged hourglasses and loin heads; I noticed from research the torch-like lamps to still exist after eight decades. Arriving through the convivial club level, a slight smile began to form while I passed the concierge desk. Richard and I proceeded with an agog state of mind to what elegant crated edibles awaited us.11-09-2015 Mirror11-09-2015 Full 311-09-2015 LoungeStanding in the multi-million dollar renovation that seamlessly combines the historic value of the Ritz-Carlton and Boisset JCB Wine lounges, a prestigious drive can be seen through its California labels which include Raymond Vineyards, De Loach Vineyards, and Buena Vista Winery. The JCB Tasting Lounge offers a lite fare of private dining, paired with a flight of their unparalleled wine offerings, surrounded in an intimate setting that exudes vibrancy and opulence. Exploring the divided tasting lounge and ritzy boutique, I found the luxe taste of wine to continue through their chic product partnership with Baccarat, Christofle, Lalique and Goyard.11-09-2015 Middle 2For such a special celebration, it seemed only fitting to garnish myself with a dress design from Bitter Root Vintage. Their era-specific, constructed designs create a vivid presence, flattering ones silhouette. With such a high appreciation for vintage glamour, I found their Dahlia Dress to fit flawlessly for a mid-afternoon of sipping from Baccarat glasses, in luxurious surroundings, highlighted by smooth lounge music and laughter. It was a perfect way to spend the day, and celebrate with the ones I adore most.
Visit JCB Wine
A ritzy space for high-end wine tasting
600 Stockton St.
San Francisco, CA
Instagram @JCB_Wines

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  1. Babe , you’re truly one inspiration to and such a breakthrough of elegance and style , that I love so much 😍💕❤️❤️

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