One Woman’s Style Journey

Full 1 11-23-2015Detal 1 11-23-2015LS 1 11-23-2015Owning a sophisticated assortment of vintage costume jewelry I’ve come to realize with each piece I acquire within my private collection, I bring home a moment in history greater than a story once spoken. Each time I stare at the sea of sparkle that I possess, I am reminded of an array of beautiful women that have gifted me with such a profound experience through their string of elegance. All beautifully elegant, with hearts of gold that seemed to never change with the weather, a brilliant shine of refined style impresses ones eye of desire.Building 11-23-2015Full 2 11-23-2015LS 2 11-23-2015These ornamental pieces made from non-precious materials coined “costume jewelry” made popular during the 1920s have often been labeled as fake, junk or an unpractical trend. It wasn’t until Coco Chanel launched a line of luxury accoutrements, a new fashion would be created. In fact this break in history produced a chain reaction of inspiration, as Elsa Schiaparelli had created a line inspired by the Dada’ art movement. The intimate glamour, quality, and inexpensiveness, which vintage costume jewelry can present, only attaches a sentimental value to each piece. I find this beauty to be told through the stories in which each piece possesses, by owning this history, you are channeling a nostalgic moment in time. Middle  1 11-23-20115Middle 2 11-23-2015Costume jewelry provides an assured form of panache to ones ensemble, gifting a woman in return with a piece that is in many ways seen as one-of-a-kind, allowing them to express themselves through these showy pieces. Today, in a world of vintage jewelry there are obviously a number of outlets for purchasing these rare pieces; the question may be where to start. Over countless years of traveling, I’ve amassed a collection that in many ways has been found in-person attending antique fairs, estate sales, and bucolic vintage stores. When time is limited and travel isn’t an option, I find purchasing from online boutiques such as ‘Sweet & Spark’ to be practical while in the search of a curated selection of vintage jewelry. Despite your avenue of acquiring such an array of history, a timeless quote by Coco Chanel showcases such truth, “Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful.”Full 3 11-23-2015
Wiggle Dress, Bitter Root Vintage  Vintage Pearl Tarfari Earrings c/o Sweet And Spark  Vintage Velvet Trim Pillbox, Olde Town Antiques Mall  Mahogany Mink Fur Wrap, J Colleen Boutique (similar here)  Leather Gloves, Antique Co-op (similar here)  Victorian Revival Slide Bracelet (similar here) Vintage Brown Leather Handbag  Nude Patent Heels Brian Atwood 

3 Comments on “One Woman’s Style Journey

  1. Beautiful by nature my love, mixing rich colors , interesting textures and the occasional blingy accessory for a refreshingly cool take on ladylike sophistication.

  2. great outfit and beautiful posing, perfect gloves and heels on the beautiful lady

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