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Old Hollywood Couture with Corsettery Corsets

When I first set forth within the fashion industry, I was young, inexperienced, and in so many words, a dreamer of grand possibilities. I found such pleasure in garnishing myself with my grandmother’s prized costume jewelry, fur stoles, and red Revlon lipstick.  Having been enriched by my beloved grandparents’ rich historic roots of fine arts and literature, I’ve embarked on a timeless journey of classic panache. … Read More Old Hollywood Couture with Corsettery Corsets

A Shapely Encounter with Corsettery

When Corsettery, a luxurious corset brand originating out of Krasnodar, Russia established roots for a brand which authentically applies a historic yet modern-day sense of style. Established in Europe during the sixteenth-century women as well as a minimal amount of men have been known to garnish themselves with the reforming structure of a le corset. The corset is to date the most controversial garment … Read More A Shapely Encounter with Corsettery