Old Hollywood Couture with Corsettery Corsets

Teddy PrevieweditedWhen I first set forth within the fashion industry, I was young, inexperienced, and in so many words, a dreamer of grand possibilities. I found such pleasure in garnishing myself with my grandmother’s prized costume jewelry, fur stoles, and red Revlon lipstick.  Having been enriched by my beloved grandparents’ rich historic roots of fine arts and literature, I’ve embarked on a timeless journey of classic panache.

One of the greatest lessons taught to me was by my childhood mentor (as seen on last week’s blog post here)  which today still remains true; always follow your inner passions, don’t fear the unfortunate sacrifices that may arise, and moreover, be prepared to work harder than anyone else to achieve these dreams. When I first started my quest for a fulfilling career, I found myself within the fashion industry’s retail spectrum. For a decades time I collected experiences of all kinds that today have assisted in propelling me through the last three years as a writer, model, and founding editor of Rich in Love Fashion, a style blog providing the history and classic garment choices of 1940s fashion. From this vintage journey I’ve recently taken on the role of a co-designer, where I’ve found myself partnering with world-wide corset maker, Corsettery.Theresa DetailseditedbnwTheresa PreviewA line emerging with the design concept of honoring the golden age of Hollywood couture, each corset takes the persona of it namesakes, as each style honors a woman from a past era of glamour. From the Maria, Andrade, Ramona, Teddy, Elizabeth, Theresa, Claudia, and Mildred, each name embraces a sense of history, which includes a story of inspiration and strength. With a concise eye for style, this collection wouldn’t be complete without the heart of Corsettery, Founder, Robert Montano and Co-Founder, Irina Pyilyowa; they have found a rarity that captures both masculinity and femininity within each piece produced.Andrade
I invite you to take a glimpse inside a Hollywood era of timeless elegance with today’s preview of designs, and there are more to come in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, shop our debut piece from our old Hollywood couture collection, the Maria, and find her story of strength, as co-founder Irina shares her grandmother’s story of courage and womanly strength:

The Maria corset is named in honor of my grandmother, Maria. Surprisingly strong and at the same time a modest woman, baring such beauty. The strength and kindness she carried throughout my life, I can only wish her the very best that life has to offer in health and good fortune. I am proud to present through the language of fashion a corset in her honor – it is the embodiment of beauty, elegance and luxury. This design in many ways is the most beautiful and dear of my heart from our debut vintage-inspired corset collection.
View our collection of Hollywood glamour & couture at Corsettery.com

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