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An Afternoon Sipping Tea at the Brannan Cottage Inn

Mother’s Day and afternoon tea is a picture-perfect way to spend some time with your mom.  After all, isn’t that what many mothers say they want: quality time with their children? For many mothers, a lovely cup of tea has been very much a ritual of their daily lifestyle. Growing up my mother would delightfully appreciate, a cup or two for all occasions. Tea drinking … Read More An Afternoon Sipping Tea at the Brannan Cottage Inn


An Art Nouveau Holiday

While we are only days away from lavish gatherings with spirits flowing into welcomed glasses, festive toasts around roaring fireplaces and holiday shimmer. I find the finishing touches showcasing pearls, iridescent rhinestones, and velvet as a time old tradition. A vintage, 1920s hip-length silk chiffon shell, heavily beaded in an elaborate Art Nouveau design, provides holiday glamour with an array of pearls in a scalloped-like … Read More An Art Nouveau Holiday

Reflection of a Little Girl’s Dream

In 1987, a little girl sat at a gunmetal ROYAL typewriter, ignited by a whimsical imagination. She had the tightest fire engine red curls that would fall to her forehead while her fingers typed so hastily; who would have ever guessed these moments would manifest her future? Each letter turned into a word, with each word turning into a sentence, and each sentence manifested … Read More Reflection of a Little Girl’s Dream