A Trademark of Fondest

7-20- MiddleTatyana Secretary Pencil Dress  (similar here)  Vintage Cartwheel Hat (similar here)  Rope Pearl Necklace & Double Drop Earrings (Vintage Heirloom, Theresa Fisher, similar herehere)  Vintage Gloves (similar here)  Vintage Leather Clutch (similar here)  Kate Spade Black Patent ‘Licorice Too’ Pumps

As the heat of the day radiates through the afternoon and summer slowly becoming a memory, I find this the perfect time to embrace the 1940’s with a Cartwheel designed hat. For those not familiar with the term Cartwheel, these hats were typically manufactured using straw and an over-sized stiff brim. While this particular style of hat was proven to slim ones silhouette, it was designed to balance a narrow hip.

From bespoke designs to quality craftsmanship I’ve grown fond of millinery designs of the 1940’s. Details of which defined an era having possessed a presence of wealth, class and panache. For example, utilized from the late 1940’s these wide brimmed hat’s had been designed with an inner cap or platform which sat atop the head, which in return held the brim up above ones forehead. While many designs of this era where fitted to sit straight across I personally find a sixty percent degree angle to clepe the curve of the brim to meet ones taste, rather than being worn at the rear of one’s head in the manner of a Halo Hat. These hats unfortunately are no longer an essential accessory for daily wear, they have become vintage collectibles.I have written multiple times in the past of my ambitious desire regarding Dior’s “New Look” of 1947, which became the new form for a woman’s ensemble. Once again, the Cartwheel hat in the autumn of 1955 particularly found itself associated with Dior’s Y-line Collection. A trademark of Dior’s sumptuous Y-Collection can be viewed as I’ve reinvented such a look utilizing the vintage Cartwheel hat, heirloom roped pearls and a broad shoulder pencil dress garnished with a causal pair of daywear gloves.



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