A Shapely Encounter with Corsettery

When Corsettery, a luxurious corset brand originating out of Krasnodar, Russia established roots for a brand which authentically applies a historic yet modern-day sense of style. Established in Europe during the sixteenth-century women as well as a minimal amount of men have been known to garnish themselves with the reforming structure of a le corset. The corset is to date the most controversial garment in the entire history of fashion drawing upon the persona of a dominatrix, exploiting sexuality and control.Founders, Robert Montano and Irina Pyilyowa established a goal to fulfill a woman’s desire in both the U.S. and Canada, of forming themselves with a bespoke corset of their dreams. For Irina her search for a corset of tailored form began nearly eight years prior as she became interested in waist training. With an agog growing she discovered a broad range of poorly constructed corsets which were unbinding in addition to being unjustly priced. Irina took it upon herself to create a brand that delivers to an open variety of clientele. One may specify the usage of satin, velvet, leather, jacquard or cotton. For those wishing to attain a design that requires additional details Corsettery offers designs from an array of motion picture costume designs or an exclusive creation by request, “We are very proud of the community of corset lovers built and we love our customer’s and followers dearly”, states Irina.One may fancast how to achieve such a figure that is best described as ‘womanly’ and is certainly seen as ‘sexy’. With a number of questions which may clepe I have found a rather popular one that I was asked during my trial, is it uncomfortable? My answer, too many has been it’s a personal form of discipline and with any new beauty ritual you will find yourself exposed to a hint of discomfort. The pressure felt during this process was embraced as a smoldering hug. Question’s and comments of why to choose a corset over body shaping undergarments? I could only hope that others could offset their mindset to see the historical implication a corset has made as an intimate standard in fashion.  From Madonna’s 1980’s proactive performance onstage to Vivian Westwood, whom in the 1970’s was given a title of “the charisma of deviance”. Corset training is a disciplined act of history which definitely provides a slimmer waist line not to mention proper posture.Possessing a natural hourglass figure I have longed to garnish myself with the training of a corset for proper posture. From towering heights of five feet and approximately eleven inches I have found a new form of confidence from receiving an authentic bespoke black satin draped steel boned corset. With a sensation of eagerness upon its initial delivery, I swiftly began to lace up the fourteen eyelets as I quickly grew fond of it’s ten spiral steel bones and steel busk. From my initial trial I found myself gradually progressing the duration of constant wear, from a start time of sixty minutes to an extended time of two hours. I had personally discovered the beginning of a gradual change to the ideal appearance of a trained waist line. I found the timely experience to be preferred where I will continue on a vintage journey with one thing to remain an hourglass figure.

2 Comments on “A Shapely Encounter with Corsettery

  1. With a raw and riveting performance in vintage fashion always taking risk like never did before. Becoming the woman she was meant to be! There’s not a day in my life that I can’t stop loving you, and babe you been had that dreamy figure I always will love ❤️❤️❤️

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