Define an Era with Vintage Affair Magazine

Vintage Affair MagazineVintage Affair MagazineVintage Affair MagazineVintage Fur Shrug (similar here)  Vince Camuto Pleat Front Blouse  Vintage Wool Pencil Skirt (Doris Alexander, similar here)  Vintage Navy Blue Leather Clutch (similar here)  Pearl Earrings Macy’s  Vintage White gloves Dolce Vita Woven Ankle Strap Pumps Vintage Luggage (similar here)

While fashion choices had changed in the 1930’s, it fundamentally became the inspiration for a new decade. From an era that unfortunately doesn’t receive the recognition it well deserves, it’s undeniably noted that without the thirties where would the fashion world be in current years.

In this month’s issue of Vintage Affair Magazine, I contribute as a historian of vintage panache by permeating a sense of style from the 1930’s. As you read the editorial you’ll capture the lighthearted approach of the forward-thinking ambitious women of the late 1920’s lingering into the 1930’s. What is also interesting in this golden era of style is by far the return to a more genteel, ladylike appearance that had become the model in the days society through 1936. I find the style choices of this particular era to be utilitarian yet glamorous.Vintage Affair MagazineVintage Affair Magazine is devoted to delivering a viewership of retro-inspired imagery with its contributions, highly desired picturesque spread designs and retro-styling and lifestyle editorials. Founded in 2014 in El Paso Texas and published out of Nashville Tennessee by Stel Bailey which states in an editors note, “Timeless and classic offers something for everyone.  Whether you live it every day or want to experience it through a photo-shoot there are always interesting facts and things to learn about pinups and the past. So we bring you Vintage Affair.”

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With such a grand message there is always a story to be told with the traveling of each era. Take a journey through the 1930’s with Vintage Affair Magazine.

2 Comments on “Define an Era with Vintage Affair Magazine

  1. Babe you’re truly the new beauty idol, blogging sensation and street-style darling knows how to rock an outfit , making you on top of this world my love

  2. Love these photos and the look. I like how natural the shots are with your hair appearing as if it’s naturally blowing from the breeze.

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