Designs of Beauty | A Mini Collection by Shinn Wen

As a young child Shinn Wen has been surrounded by the most influential artists who collectively include her respected elders. Her Father and Grandfather both Chinese painting artist’s and calligrapher’s meticulously managed to distill a sense of artistic talent in Wen. With a concept that came natural, her uncle a watercolor artist gave Wen exposure in a new form of her growing artistic abilities, “Art and painting is something which allows me to express myself, bringing a natural sense of relaxation” explains Wen.

Shinn Wen 1Now at 31, and the creative force for the Fashion Design Faculty of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wen reaches a multitude of student’s as a lecturer. “I was very lucky studying art and design in China’s best design school graduating from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. I studied there for six years and hold a Bachelor, Master Degree,” Wen states. With a growing interest in fashion design, Wen attended Hong Kong Polytechnic University to conduct two years of research of Textile & Clothing before branching off briefly designing women’s attire for some of the premium elite Chinese fashion retailers.Residing currently in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China Wen continues to seek inspiration be it from fashion photography, celebrities to music and modern art. She also has a profound love with animals and plants. “I kept drawing fashion illustrations during my university years in my spare time, which has provided such a vision of beauty”.
Surround yourself within an articulate vision of beauty with Shinn Wen Fashion Illustrations here.

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