A Label of Love

A dated garment of worn materials held together with fabric and stiches confines such a beatify story of the life of two sisters, Annie & Lucy Sandoval. What better way than to capture this beauty than to transport oneself to a historic place which they once stood, 244 Lakeside Drive.Custom Vintage Bow Accented Dress (similar here)  Vintage Samsonite Luggage (similar here)  Antique Pearl & Floral Earrings (similar here)  Brain Atwood Pumps (similar here)

Standing adjacent from The Gold Coast, a historic neighborhood within the Lakeside Apartment District resides a pillar of historic measure. In the context of historic implementation a day wear dress such as this holds such a label of love from the journey it originally set upon nearly seventy-four years ago. A crown jewel of the Gold Coast is 244 Lakeside Drive where an eleven story Beaux Art inspired monument being built in 1924 and owned by Stephen D. Bechtel. While an invitation is required to get inside, visitors will stand upon the lawn of the curved driveway where a lion’s head foundation steadily pours water positioned outside the main entrance. A building with a novel of history which originated in the 1890’s as the estate of Adolph Schilling providing such an enrichment of character to the lakeside of Oakland and today’s panache. From a extemporize collection of exquisite vintage hats wrapped within aged rust colored tissue paper concealed within an array of brittle boxes displaying designers of the past generation, Harman San Francisco and Gene Doris. Horsehair headpieces embellished with the overlay of a soft touch of velvet and subtly worn veils caught a mellifluous emotion from my initial glimpse. A gifted wardrobe including authentic vintage garments and accouterments came to pass with a visit to a house built in 1908.I find the best things in life are free; a much spirited play on words by Lew Brown comes to mind with the assembling of a label less dress from an era of day wear poise. Time-to-time you may have heard someone express that it’s not the labels you wear but how one stylizes their self; I find a truth behind such a laconic phrase.

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