A Blarney Base of Style

Banana Republic Boat Neck Dress (similar here or here)  Mod-Inspired Swing Coat Expressly Made for SEARS (similar here)  Prada Round Baroque Sunglasses  Kate Spade NY ‘Licorice’ Pumps  Vintage Patent Handbag (similar here)

As the mercury begins to drop, the thought of keeping warm approaches with the crisp autumn breeze, an ensemble that consist from both a vintage aesthetic undertaking a youthful subculture can be easily emphasized with the usage of a beautifully constructed piece of outerwear. The 1950’s housed a variety of styles with most coats extending to a greater length, whereas a middling amount sat right around the hip which included fabrics and textiles of camel hair, wool velour, tweed and cashmere. Tailored neatly to fit close to one’s body and through the waist, making for a blarney fit with a noticeably wider base. Depending on the particular design, buttons from the chest to the waist accented the additional room for movement that with, no pun attended, would “swing” with a woman’s movement. Far from a customary hourglass silhouette partaking to an idea of a dress which was worn underneath a coat, which can be followed through the Victorian era.

An antidote to the relentless association of day-wear sophistication can somehow be touched through the vintage adornment of a garment expressly made for SEARS. Not be mistaken with traditionally styled coat dress that resembles the effortless ease of a shirtwaist dress. Appliqued with a piebald diagonal striped pattern which are completely wound around creating a point of an optical illusion in addition to complimenting an ‘A line’ shape. Paired with a rayon open back boat neck sheath, the rounded edges find a comparison to the curved lines accenting the three button closure. While a play on curvature is pushed forth with the elegant presence from a nero baroque-inspired sculpted arm, with the modern touch of a Prada accouterment makes for a distinctive noteworthy image.

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