The Cypress Inn

M 1 3-14-2016Full OS4 3-14-2015Full OS2 3-14-2016A milestone in one’s life can start with the completion of the simplest goal or moving on to the next, perhaps a new lifestyle or position. Despite the challenges involved, you will encounter many memorable experiences, not to mention lessons coming full circle in the story of your life. As a writer, fashion consultant, and vintage blogger, I never know where my life could lead me, what city I’ll adventure to next, or who will grace my company, leaving each day an open opportunity to stretch and test my self-growth.

Two weeks ago Rich suggested that we take an overnight road trip to the small beach town, Carmel-by-the-Sea, off the Monterey Peninsula. I did some research, and it piqued my interest; just the thought of the fairytale cottages and historic landmarks of a town founded in 1902, of course excited me. Rich had mentioned that he would like to conduct a blog photo-shoot on the grounds of the Cypress Inn, a quaint Mediterranean boutique hotel co-owned by legendary singer-actress, Doris Day, and business man, Dennis LeVett. Having viewed a number of Ms. Day’s films, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Thrill of it All, and Pillow Talk, I couldn’t appreciate more the thought of conducting a photo shoot at such a location, which holds such meaning and inspiration.

Nestled in the heart of Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Cypress Inn provides a luxury experience, offering a classic touch with an overall relaxing ambiance and personalized service with dog-friendly amenities. Visitors can enjoy a rich history dating back to 1906 when Sidney J Yard, a famous painter of English-style watercolors, built Carmel’s first art gallery at the location. The current building was originally built in 1929 and was known as the Hotel La Ribera, touted as “one of the show places of the Monterey Peninsula.”  In the 1960s, named “Cypress West,” it was restored and upgraded to its former glory, alluring many of its nostalgic former guests to return to their favorite hotel.Skirt DetailM Hat 3-14-2016LS BNW 3-14-2016Full OS3 3-14-2016From the brick stairs that led to one of the forty-four suites that faced Lincoln Avenue, I stood garnished in Rich’s mothers pearls and a dress by Bitter Root Vintage, topped with a wide-brimmed vintage millinery design with a polka-dot chiffon ruching. I found myself living within a bygone era of grace. Returning smiles to onlookers that passed, Rich and I continued to photograph in such history. Moments before we decided to conclude, an older distinguished gentleman approached; he had caught my eye in the distance, perhaps because of his camel suede blazer paired with a denim button up and blue pocket square. His first words, which he spoke in such excitement, were, “Hello, what is this for?” Of course with the same excitement, I explained who I am and my purpose. He then stated that his name was Dennis LeVett, and I immediately had to control the tears of joy from falling, as I shook his hand, then introducing Rich. With Dennis’s words of praise, he couldn’t have been more thrilled to have us on the property grounds, and I again shook his hand. Before separating, he momentarily entered the hotel and returned to present his business card.Sign 3-14-2016Mirror 3-14-2016Full OS1 3-14-2016When a moment like this arrives you must see it for everything its worth and more importantly, give gratitude for them. While Rich and I were heading out for the afternoon, I went to the front desk and requested to take a photo with Dennis. With such excitement, he couldn’t resist and jokingly suggested I mail him a photo of the two of us for the hotel lobby. Little do they know, an 8×10 photo (seen below) was overnighted shortly after my visit. From the stories I acquire to the people I meet, it all translates to a love for an era gone by, a love that will never fade.Cypress
Center of Gravity Dress c/o Bitter Root Vintage // Vintage Polka-Dot Wide-Brimmed Hat, Old Towne Antique Mall // Vintage Pearl Earrings & Necklace (Theresa Fisher) // White Satin Laced Gloves // Ivanka Trump Pumps // MAC Lipstick

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