Authentically Pleated

Full 1 3-21-2016LS 1 3-21-2016M 1 3-21-2016Just like any classic garment from the past, the day’s vintage skirts were not formal enough to be worn as evening-wear; rather they were best worn as day-wear for spring. Pleated skirts are one style that has lasted the duration of yesteryear to today’s era. Early skirt styles incorporated accordion pleats on the side or box pleats around the entire skirt. This particular skirt is yet another authentic 1950s garment acquired from Lucy & Annie Sandoval’s cherished wardrobe.

For women that are seeking to add volume and shape to their silhouette, let your pleats bring a flattering attraction to your ensemble. I accompanied today’s outfit with a halter chiffon bow blouse adding a feminine touch while a hunter green bespoke pillbox millinery design completed this entire ensemble.M 2 3-21-2016LS 2 3-21-2016Building 3-21-2016Skirt 3-21-2016Full 2 3-21-2016LS 3 3-21-2016
Bespoke Pillbox Millinery Design c/o Elizabeth Rohloff // Emerald Diamond Earrings // Chiffon Bow Blouse, Express (similar here) // Authentic 1950s Pleated Skirt, Annie Sandoval // Brian Atwood Patent Pumps



3 Comments on “Authentically Pleated

  1. Love the look, and the skirt in particular! Also, I never would have imagined how well the nude color of the skirt and shoes pairs with the green of the hat (the word ‘hat’ doesn’t do it justice, but I don’t know a more stylish word for it… 🙂 )


    • Thank you for stopping by Tall Wife! I greatly appreciate your sweet words today & social media support. Sending you lots of love xx

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