Modern-day Transformation

Full 1 2-29-2016M LS 2-2929-2016M 1 2-29-2016With a renowned love of vintage fashion, it’s no surprise you’ll find me radiating elegance from the 1940s, preferably the year 1947, where I exude a modern day example, which in return showcases an era of timeless grace.

Having developed a strong style that is heavily influenced from a childhood of admiring the influential women in my life, their names and personas live on through my debut corset designs with Corsettery. The couture styles from screen sirens Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, and Lucille Ball slowly became a part of my creative process of producing a personal style, which in return would enhance my European heritage. I find it rather effortless to create these personas of Old Hollywood Couture that insatiably grasp the appetite from the simplest pieces, if you have the right approach.

Having shopped in thrift shops for countless years, particularly through my college years, I acquired a collection of well-curated dresses all dating from the late 1950s, with a few remaining today in my wardrobe. Vintage dresses from such an era are typically bespoke, which leads to some maintenance and care. However garments back then were much more glamorous. From an era that carried such an array of articular fabrics like grosgrain satin and silk, these materials in my opinion are higher in quality than today’s. With a current obsession for purchasing these forms of dresses, I always adore the fact that many of them are label-less, displaying such craftsmanship of structure and love.M LS 3 2-29-2016Glove Details 2-29-2016Full 2 2-29-2016M 2 2-29-2016Sit 1 2-29-2016Having created a signature look early on with bold red lips and nails and not to mention my natural ginger hair provided the stepping stones to building such an authentic vintage style. For those acquiring a style that drives a vintage under-tone, I don’t recommend you go head-to-toe at first; with a few subtle touches such as red lipstick, which is still seen as very relevant and chic, you’ll find a perfect place to start. Then of course, start playing with your existing wardrobe, adding vintage pieces such as your grandmother’s handbag or perhaps a pair of rhinestone earrings. This will do two things: it will build your confidence and be your gateway to adding additional pieces. This is exactly where I started many years ago with my transformation and now I’ve found a style that enriches my daily life.Building 2-29-2016Heel Details 2-29-2016Full 3 2-29-2016
Authentic 1950s Double-Breasted Wool Dress with Satin Trim (Annie Sandoval) // Vintage Accessories,  Fuchsia Earrings & Brown Leather Gloves // Mink Stole Fur (Roberta Alexander) // Banana Republic Gold Box Clutch // Ivanka Trump Camara Pumps // MAC Lipstick 

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