2-15-2016 Table 1 BNWHidden in plain sight with today’s feature is my unbinding love for vintage millinery. Debuting within the pages of UK’s HATalk Magazine, I offer Editor Becky Weaver my personal insight on a journey highlighting a woman I had never met before. I tell the story of how her hat has changed my life in more than one way.

In a current era where hats are not regularly applied to one’s overall ensemble, I find a hat adorned in feathers or a veil or garnished in exquisite materials to add a subtle touch of much needed style and grace. From the afternoon of May 12, 2014, my life changed, not only fashionably speaking, but in an instant, I became consumed with the overall ensembles of the 1940s and 50s. 2-15-2016 M2-16-2016 BNW LS2-16-2016 OS Full2-15-2016 LSAn excerpt from “HATalk Magazine, The HAT that changed my life” – March 2016

There’s a sentimental spot in my heart for the timeless style of the 1940s. Perhaps it’s due to growing up in a family enriched with a vintage lifestyle, film noirs, or the countless Sunday afternoons exploring my grandmother’s well-curated collection of costume jewelry. From these memorable experiences I knew one thing to be true; I’d transform one day and possess such glamour too…….[view the entire article online 2/17 at HATalk Magazine]2-16-2016 Lamp2-16-2016 OS Window2-16-2016 Table 2
Lace Pencil Dress c/o Pinup by Cindy Lee // Vintage Millinery (Justina Andrade) // Vintage Fur Shawl (similar here) // Vintage Rhinestone Tear Drop Earrings (similar here) // Black Patent Belt (similar here) // Kate Spade ‘Licorice too’ Pumps

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