A Gentleman’s Heart

Full 1 4-4-2016A feminist demand of, “If men can wear this, why can’t I?” comes to mind for those with the heart of a gentleman.  German actress and style icon of the 1930s, Marlene Dietrich, contrasted such a statement with her passionate relationship with her wardrobe, both on and off the screen. Being the first Hollywood actress of her era to wear trousers in public gave Dietrich an androgynous appearance, that in return helped revolutionize and redefine women’s fashion today.

Borrowing from the boys, a menswear appearance presented a fashion forward balance of power and seduction of mystery that has now influenced a boldness to conquer the generic colloquialism of one’s passage. The form of a woman’s silhouette endorses such grand boundaries which include gender-neutral fashion.  A trend, if presented accurately, can easily endure and undeniably define a form of sexuality to men. Dietrich once said, “I dress for myself. Not for the image, not for the public, not for the fashion, not for men,” and it showed through her aplomb statute and epitomized glamour she will forever retain.

Utilizing a fur stole, in combination with a muted beige silk blouse and rosy wool high-waisted pleated draw string trousers, presents a level of glamour that is unachievable without it. What I admire most about transitioning into menswear is that it creates a liberal feeling and adds an architectural flair to your style.
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Vintage Silk Blouse & Dusty Rose High-Waisted Trousers // Fox Fur Stole (Roberta Alexander) // Ivanka Trump Jeweled Pumps // Red Lips c/o MaryKay

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