An Ageless Cliché

Sit 1 4-12-2016Hat 4-12-2016F 1 4-12-2016From a heightened focus of confidence you will find in a woman’s closet a Red Dress, which in many cases is a women’s social armor. While screen sirens throughout the ages have donned the crimson shade to project a sense of sex appeal the truth of the matter is, what we wear authentically has power over others. With the ageless cliché of the “Lady in Red” a strong mindset is conjured of a women who is sexy, confident and vivacious with a comeback, that woman is the “Davis Woman”.

Los Angeles native and designer Davis Brimberg of DAVIS Fashion is experienced in dressing women head-to-toe in a style that exudes the utmost glamour, while remaining true to her spiritual commitment of producing garments that are vegan and 100% cruelty-free. Since starting her namesake label in 2014, Davis has established herself as an activist to non-profit animal organizations as she finds herself volunteering as a handler of injured and orphaned owls at wildlife rescue center’s. With a celebration of life, her clothing line also presents the timeless elegance from the 1940s-50s pin-up eras, which in return creates a blend of sex appeal and sophistication. “My collection is for a sexy, sophisticated and confident woman who wants to be noticed,” states Davis in reference to her graceful attention to bombshell elegance.F 2 4-12-2016LS 1 4-12-2016F 3 4-12-2016Sit  4-12-2016Enjoying a spring afternoon basking in a woven sun hat, a lady-like silhouette is achieved with ‘Karen an off-the-shoulder red cocktail sheath by Davis Fashion. This luxe design is the epitome of true imagination with its red rose lace overlay made from 100% nylon. Adding a subtle combination of a cluster pearl earring and coordinating bracelet, finishing off with a ruffled white glove which in return completes the entire ensemble. This elegant design could easily be fancied up for a cocktail atmosphere or dinner date for two.  Details 4-12-2016Landscape 4-12-2016BK 4-12-2016F 4 4-12-2016
Red Lace ‘Karen’ Sheath Dress c/o DAVIS Fashion // Vintage Pearl  Cluster Earrings & Bracelet // Unlabeled Wide-Brim Straw Hat with Velvet Trim // Vintage  White Ruffled Gloves // Needlepoint Tapestry Rose Floral Purse // Brian Atwood Patent Pumps  (similar here) // Red Lipstick c/o MaryKay

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