F1When someone says – “that’s just a fairy tale,” it generally means the life you are living is merely just a fantasy. I’ve found the thought of a fairy tale can easily become ones reality with just enough visualization, desire and belief.

From our earliest childhood memories, aspirations or stories we once told ourselves (to pass the time) have never left our subconscious mind. There is much we can learn by reflecting on the stories heard in childhood. The adventures, these stories often reflect challenges we will face in our adult journeys.

It is a great treasure to recall which tales from our childhood have a hold on us. Visions of princesses, castles and faraway lands all come to mind at first. To capture the fairy tale Glamour of Kooki De Lou, a velvet A-line dress I refer to as my ‘Bette Davis Dress’ which resembles the Edith Head design worn in her icon role of 1950, “All about Eve”. Garnished with the touch of a crystal floral brooch, black beaded earrings, and the reddest lips, all accessories paired seamlessly with a well-curated Lucite purse by Kooki De Lou.

F2Bag 1F3DoorsF4Bag 2F5ABroochF6Lucite Purse c/o Kooki De Lou. Black Velvet Dress (similar here & here). Vintage Crystal Brooch (similar found on Etsy here & here). Aldo, Uloaviel Pump (similar here, here & here).

1 Comment on “A Fairy Tale Moment with Kooki De Lou

  1. Love the dress, purse, broach, writing, building … ALL!

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